Creation of your application

– Reception of the briefing
– Analysis of your intranet/extranet and existing sources of information
– Strategic and creative recommendation
– Elaboration of the app’s architecture and the  definition of the points of integration with your intranet/extranet
– Development of the visual identity guidelines and the navigation plan
– Elaboration of the specifications for the programming of the app


Programming of your application

– Programming your application in native languages: iOS, Android,
Windows 8 and a Web App.
– Programming of the points of intégration with your intranet/extranet
– Adaption to tablet formats, multi-platform mobile websites


Production of custom content

– Audio, video and text interviews
– Production of editorial content
– Audio news and video news
– Production short formats (quiz, flip cards…)
– Adaption of your content to mobile formats (cell phones and tablets)
– Video and audio reports


Management and animation of your application

– Editorial meetings
– Management of push messages
– Management of the news
– Animation and enhancement of content
– Monthly reporting



Management and animation of your social networks (facebook, twitter…)


– Editorial meetings
– Creation and animation of your facebook, twitter, YouTube pages
– Production of specific content (audio, video, text, images…)
– Management of interactions with members
– Monthly reporting



– Training in the utilisation of the interface and the management of the CMS
– Creation and animation of an editorial commitee rédactionnel in your company
– Launch and promotion of your mobile application