Our differences

You don’t start from scratch!

App2Bizz has developped a series of useful, creative and powerful functions. To create your application, you just need to compose your menu by choosing the fonctions that interest you. New fonctions are added on a regular basis. A fonction doesn’t exist? We will develop it for you!


The result?
You don’t need to start from scratch. You get much more for your money! You have the benefit of using a sophisticated tool that meets the combined requirements of each of our clients.


We enrich your application.

In the same spirit, App2Bizz produces value-added content and makes it available to its clients. This content is updated regularly. You have nothing to do!


The result?
Your application is instantaneously rich in content. Thus so, it will be used regularly.


We produce your content…

We produce tailored content for you, or we adapt your existing content to a mobile format.
Short formats: quiz, flip cards, push messages, news…

Long formats: audio content, videos, articles…

Animation and complete management of your application!

You can hand over the keys! App2Bizz goes much farther than just programming your application. App2Bizz can take on the complete mangement and animation of your application.