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合作伙伴 Case
Case 芯片&技术
Case 芯片&技术
说明: Integrated Device Technology, Inc. develops system-level solutions that optimize its customers’ applications. IDT’s market-leading products in RF, high performance timing, memory interface, real-time interconnect, optical interconnect, wireless power, and SmartSensors are among the company’s broad array of complete mixed-signal solutions for the communications, computing, consumer, automotive and industrial segments. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing, sales facilities and distribution partners throughout the world. IDT stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI.”
案例名称: GOOGLE(谷歌)
说明: Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.
案例名称: Discovery
说明: Discovery Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television channel (which is also delivered via IPTV, terrestrial television and internet television in other parts of the world) that is the flagship television property of Discovery Communications, a publicly traded company run by CEO David Zaslav. As of June 2012, Discovery Channel is the third most widely distributed cable channel in the United States, behind TBS and The Weather Channel; it is available in 409 million households worldwide, through its U.S. flagship channel and its various owned or licensed television channels internationally.
案例名称: Haier(海尔)
说明: 北京海尔集成电路设计有限公司是海尔集团投资成立的高新技术企业,位于北京中关村高科技园区。主要从事音视频、网络、通讯领域的芯片和整机研发主要产品有卫星、有线和地面机顶盒解调、解码芯片组、平板电视芯片、宽带接入芯片和数字收音机芯片,并为厂家提供有竞争力的系统解决方案。
案例名称: HUAWEI(华为)
说明: 华为是全球领先的信息与通信技术(ICT)解决方案供应商,专注于ICT领域,坚持稳健经营、持续创新、开放合作,在电信运营商、企业、终端和云计算等领域构筑了端到端的解决方案优势,为运营商客户、企业客户和消费者提供有竞争力的ICT解决方案、产品和服务,并致力于使能未来信息社会、构建更美好的全联接世界。目前,华为约有18万名员工,业务遍及全球170多个国家和地区,服务全世界三分之一以上的人口。
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